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Eidus Serverai


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Dec 31 2015, 01:16 AM
Name: Eidus Elrick Erinson
Age: 29
Group: Graduate
House: Batini
Occupation: Research Assistant
Hobbies: Blacksmithing, tech tinkering, general humorous acts.
Marital Status: Single
Play By: Henry Cavill
Application: Here
Dec 28 2015, 01:27 AM

Player Name: Eidus

Character Name: Eidus Elrick Erinson

Alias: E or El

Age: 29

Character Type: Mage

Profession: Research Assistant

House: House Verditius

Secret Societies: The Gardeners

PB: Henry Cavill

Appearance: The same outside of heavy scarring on hands and chest from work in a forge.


Forces: 2
Matter: 4
Prime: 3



- Influence Heat: The mage can guide the direction or degree of heat. For example, the mage can remain warm in the winter by re-appropriating the 'lost' body heat from others, or cause the heat from a radiator to emanate in a cone instead of a sphere.

- Control Heat/Light/Sound The mage can now affect the intensity of any of those he could only influence before, making things hotter/colder, brighter/dimmer, or louder/softer.

- Kinetic Blow: The mage can focus the force of physical attacks more directly, down to as small an area as a pin point, causing considerably more damage than they would be capable of otherwise.


- Discern Composition The mage can determine what sort of materials went into the composition, the density, the weight, and other characteristics of any given object.

- Shape Liquid: The mage can impart cohesion to liquids and vapors, form them into shapes of his choosing or moving them as desired. For example, he could "carve" a corridor through rain or fog to keep himself from getting wet.

-Transmute Earth: With this spell, the mage can transform any common solid material into any other common solid material. Thus, stone can be turned into plastic, or plaster into wood, but precious metals and gemstones are mystically too complex for this process and must be created using Transmogrification instead.

- Transmogrification: This spell allows the mage to turn any single liquid or solid substance into any other liquid or solid substance. This allows any object to be turned into any other, excluding gaseous materials. Thus lead can become gold, water can be turned to stone, or plastic rendered into gasoline.

- Transmute Air: This spell allows the mage to turn any single gaseous substance into any other gaseous substance. Thus oxygen can be turned into laughing gas, nerve gas into oxygen, and countless other combination become possible.

- Alter Properties: The mage can now alter the very characteristics of liquids and solids. Density, size/quantity, weight, and more can now be altered while retaining any properties preferred. Featherlight steel, hyper-dense water, and other miraculous substances become possible with this spell.


- Analyze Enchanted Item: The mage can scrutinize an enchanted item and discern its powers and abilities. This process not only reveals the advantages of using an enchanted item, but also the disadvantages, such as curses or alarms attached to its use.

- Activate Enchanted Item: Most artifacts and other enchanted items must either be attuned to the user or the user must activate it with a certain phrase or action. This spell allows the caster to bypass both potential requirements and activate it by charging it directly with mana.

- Create Artifact: The mage can use this spell to create a magical item. The item can only be imbued with mystic effects that the mage personally knows (i.e. it cannot teleport an individual unless the caster already knows that spell), but once the item is enchanted and give a trigger (such as a spoken phrase or being submerged in water) the item will continue being able to use that effect until the item is either dispelled or destroyed.

Eidus is a peculiar man in many respects. That sentence may seem simplistic yet heavy with hidden meaning. In all reality its quite straight forward and an honest assessment. He is a strange mix of old school Renaissance blacksmith and modern day technologist, with a personality to match. He follows old world schools of though on honor and dignity but still seeks to find the humor in the world around him. A perpetual half grin is plastered on his face even in the most serious of times.

Apparently humor aside though Eidus can be a very seriously natured man when it comes to the work of the forge and of magic. To him they are one and the same. He wields his magic as he wields his hammer while working metal in the styles of old. He takes to both with a fervor and love for feeling the heat and life both in metal and the powers that grant the few lucky enough to Awaken their power. Do not take any of this to mean that he is some sort of backwater man. He enjoys technology and the intricacy it brings.

Outside of his work habits though he is an easy going man with a quick wit and a sharp mind. Always ready with a sarcastic comment or witty quip, his sense of humor is endless. No matter how grave the scenario he finds himself in he is ready and willing to die with a smile on his face and laughter in his throat.

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