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 Walter von Richtofen, Alumni
Walter von Richtofen
 Posted: Nov 4 2014, 04:31 PM
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Player Name: Habardr

Character Name: Walter Albrecht von Richtofen

Alias: Walter Richardson, Walt

Age: 45

Character Type: Alumni

Profession: Groundsman

House: Solificati

Secret Societies: Ordo Paradigma

PB: Dolph Lundgren

Appearance: Athletic build, muscular torso and good posture standing at around six feet and three inches in height. His features seem central or northern european, his jaw is firm and his blue eyes gaze grimly out from his otherwise handsome face. His complexion is lightly tanned but harshly weathered, alluding to a preference for the outdoors.

Should this person be convinced to smile once in a while - or ever - he might be considered attractive by those who appreciate this kind of diamond in the rough. As it is, though, he demeanor is simply too harsh and cold to elicit any kind of favour.


Forces: 2
Life: 1
Spirit: 1
Space: 2
Time: 3


1. Nightsight
2. Unseen Shield
2. Kinetic Blow

1. Cleanse the Body

1. Omnivision
2. Untouchable

1. Perfect Timing
2. Temporal Dodge
3. Acceleration

Personality: Those who know Walt, when allowed one word to describe him, would call him 'forthright'. That is if they were being polite. The first thing people notice about him is a rather looming intensity - and a certain taciturn manner. This Scandinavian is the living embodiment of the old norse saying, "Speak useful words or say nothing."

In fact, he would perhaps be a little more at home in northern europe a millennia or so ago, as he prefers to cut straight to the heart of the matter in all that he does. He considers guile and stealth to be unbecoming of a man and would prefer to tackle his problems head on where at all possible. Immediately upon taking issue with someone, either for their character or actions, he will let them know in no uncertain terms.

He has few friends. Of those that do put up with him, some actually find his bluntness has it's benefits. Everyone knows where they stand with him and he will always give his honest appraisal of any matter upon which he is consulted.

Underneath the cold and unforgiving exterior, though, he can be a close, loyal and unfaltering friend. If only the barbed exterior didn't do such a good job of keeping people away.

History: Walt very rarely speaks of his past. He will sometimes reveal snippets of information about his childhood in northern scandinavia. He was once married. He makes no secret of the fact his late wife was cheating on him with his long-term friend. Additionally, he hardly seems to care whether anyone thinks that he was responsible for his wife's death or not. When asked, he is reticent to disccus the matter too much. It seems his wife and her lover were killed somehow by a third party.

He works diligently as a gardener and groundskeeper to those who have need of his services within the region of the University. He has even completed some work within the campus grounds themselves. He has a small, basic apartment, but he spends very little time there. When not working, much of his time is spent camping and trekking.

His one great diversion is his martial arts training. He studies an internal art called Baguazhang, which is related to both Tai Chi and Xing Yi. He has studied this since his teens and is now considered a capable fighter within the martial arts community. He shows very little desire to pass on his knowledge, though.
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 Posted: Nov 11 2014, 09:53 PM
Man with a Plan
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Your character has been approved! Please swing by the Campus Facebook and Who's Who pages, and add them to your Plot Page so everyone can get to know them. We look forward to playing with you!

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