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 Owl's Plotter, Waverly Brint
Waverly Brint
 Posted: Mar 2 2016, 08:15 PM
Courtless Ogress


The Hedge/Arcadia has a rather nonsensical flow of time. Born in 2008, Waverly is currently in her late 20's after finding her way back through the Hedge. Unsurprisingly, she has been unable to reconnect with her family since returning. A Fetch being involved is just icing for that problem. A member of the Courts has helped Waverly get back on her feet but it has been a struggle to adjust to mortal life once again. After being back in the valley for a month, she has shown little interest in Changeling society, despite her current dependence on it.


  • First and foremost, being accepted back into her family, in any way possible
  • Pursual of education, particularly through reading and writing
  • Discovering personal magical abilities and how to best use them
  • Suppressing cannibalistic tastes
  • Gathering modern necessities to aid in blending in with humanity


  • A few changelings have spoken dismissively of her for several reasons. Some believe she is taking advantage of the aid being given to her, others are upset that she hasn't joined a Court yet, some Winter Courtiers feel she calls too much attention to herself and to changelings in general
  • To Sleepers, Waverly is unscrupulous at best and suspicious at worst. Thug, stalker, predator, thief, criminal are a few words whispered. They are helped in their passing around by her family.

Character Hooks

  • Frequently found at Hiawatha Park, sitting under a tree, drawing
  • Once a week on a Friday evening, begs for food on a busy corner Downtown
  • Physical scarring is visible around her wrists
  • Illiterate
  • Likes: Animals, nature, video games, toys, drawing, ballet

...Hopefully some useful info about my character! I am open to anything right now. Meeting other Changelings, learning about Mages, blending in (trying to) among Sleepers, I am open for anything. I fully anticipate Waverly to be getting into some legal trouble too so that is also a topic that could be explored. Waverly is also looking for thieves to sneak into her family's house or for a courier of sorts.
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