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 A.C. Caldwell, Faculty | Verditius
A.C. Caldwell
 Posted: Jan 2 2016, 03:56 AM
Nature Girl

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Player Name:Rally

Character Name: Alice Courtney Caldwell

Alias: A.C. or Ace

Age: 37

Character Type: Mage

Class Level: Faculty

Profession: Professor of Geological Engineering- Geological Hazard Assessments

House: Verditius

Secret Societies: None

PB: Cameron Esposito



Forces: 4
Matter: 4


- Nightsight: Through attuning perceptions to pick up even the faintest amount of light, the mage is now capable of activating the ability to see perfect in any situation with even the tiniest amount of light. This doesn't allow sight in total darkness, but anything less than total darkness is no different than noontime on a sunny day.
- Control Heat/Light/Sound The mage can now affect the intensity of any of those he could only influence before, making things hotter/colder, brighter/dimmer, or louder/softer.
- Create Force: The mage can now summon any previously mentioned force (Fire, Light, Sound, Electricity), seemingly from thin air and when combined with other spells can control the flow of said energies completely.
- Control Weather: The mage can create or divert weather patterns to simulate any sort of 'normal' (i.e. non-disastrous) weather in an area. This can result in a wide range of effects, from strong (but not devastating) winds, rain, directed thunderbolts, frigidly cold temperatures, etc.
- Cleanse the Body: The caster is able to cleanse herself of all drugs, toxins, and poisons.
- Crafter’s Eye: The mage can see any wear, flaws, breaks, or damage to a particular object with an eye toward repairing it. Some mages liken this to comparing the object's present state to its "ideal" or original state of existence.
- Craftsman's Eye: With a bit of concentration, a mage can ascertain the proper, operation, and maintenance of any object with moving parts.
- Alter Balance: While altering weights and densities remain beyond the mage's skills at this level, the mage can now alter the distribution of matter throughout a substance. This allows them to improve the balance of a sword, improve the accuracy of a firearm, or any other object which would benefit from altered weight distribution.
- Jury-Rig: Sometimes, the mage just needs something to function or to suit a specific purpose. Jury-Rig allows him to do just that. By combining materials and devices, the mage can either return a damaged object to functionality or even add new properties to an already functioning machine. For example: a stereo can be combined with an mp3 player to restore function or a nail gun and a shotgun can be combined to make a shotgun that shoots a barrage of nails.
- Alter Integrity: This spell allows the mage to alter the stability and strength of an object with but a touch. Any inorganic substance can be reduced to worthless scrap or be reinforced to near indestructibility.
- Transmogrification: This spell allows the mage to turn any single liquid or solid substance into any other liquid or solid substance. This allows any object to be turned into any other, excluding gaseous materials. Thus lead can become gold, water can be turned to stone, or plastic rendered into gasoline.
- Repair object: The mage can repair an object without leaving seams (it appears like it was never broken).
-Annihilate Matter: The mage can destroy inert matter, reducing it to nothingness and utterly dissolving its atomic lattice. In effect, he makes it cease to be. A material's hardness or density does not appreciably factor into this destruction; only sheer quantity (in terms of cubic volume) really has much bearing on the process. The exception is for magical items, such as enhanced or imbued items or Artifacts, or supernatural compounds and alloys. They cannot be destroyed with this spell
- Sense the Supernatural: The mage can read the aura of another individual, but unlike the Mind power of similar purpose the aura perceived tells the mage nothing about emotions or mental states. Instead, the mage sees evidence in the aura of what sort of supernatural creature or supernatural influence has affected the subject.
- Counterspell: The mage can now dissolve spells as they are cast and prevent them from ever resolving. Additionally, the caster is required to only possess a single dot in one of the spheres used for the spell to be dissolved. For example: If an enemy throws a fireball at the caster of Counterspell, it can be countered with this spell combined with a minimum of Forces 1.
- Create Artifact: The mage can use this spell to create a magical item. The item can only be imbued with mystic effects that the mage personally knows (i.e. it cannot teleport an individual unless the caster already knows that spell), but once the item is enchanted and give a trigger (such as a spoken phrase or being submerged in water) the item will continue being able to use that effect until the item is either dispelled or destroyed.

With seemingly boundless energy, AC is always on the go, always moving, always doing something. Mere fidgeting in a chair will not satiate her need to be in motion. She needs to be outside, hiking, biking, skiing, working, or she’s absolutely miserable. Rain or shine, sleet or snow, blazing heat or freezing cold, there is no natural weather that can keep her off of her feet. On the rare occasions where she is sick, injured, or otherwise confined to the indoors, she becomes a complete melodramatic asshole.

The first thing most people notice about AC, aside from her bitchin’ side mullet, is her boisterous, flippant nature. The product of growing up the only girl amongst a handful of older brothers, she is loud and assertive. While not outright mean, AC does have a way of escalating situations (sometimes through physical means) when it is least helpful. To say she is stubborn would be a gross understatement. The only certain way to make her do something, is to convince her you think she can’t do it.

When one gets to know AC a little better, they may realize the true depth of her irreverence. Where other professors are involved with their students and present for office hours, AC is notoriously hard to get ahold of. She pushes the bulk of her busywork, teaching, and grading duties off onto her graduate students because...well that’s what they’re for.

Why then would someone like AC even bother to take a job as a Professor? Simple, because it allows her the chance to do what she loves. What she loves is fieldwork. She travels a great deal, assisting with geological surveys and assessing geological hazards...a fancy way of saying she gets to do a lot of hiking, whip out her magically enhanced monitoring instruments, and determine whether or not an area is at risk of a flood, landslide, avalanche, earthquake, or other natural disaster. When not traveling, her pet projects involve developing new technology to assist with her surveys, determining where the water from Deep Lake comes from, where it goes, and if the lake actually has a bottom.

Born the only girl amongst a swarm of boys, A.C. quickly learned that the number one rule of survival was “eat or be eaten”, or maybe it was, “the squeaky wheel gets the grease”. Either way, she may have been the only daughter, but she certainly didn’t act like it. From day one she was one of the boys, eschewing anything feminine becuase...well, why play with barbies and wear restrictive dresses when you can run around in cargo shorts (so many pockets, omg) and hit your brothers in the gnads with a magically enhanced paintball gun.

With two awakened parents, a naturalist and an artificer, it wasn’t really a surprise that their children (A.C. included) followed in their footsteps and became awakened mages themselves. For A.C. personally it happened sometime in her early teens. Everything just kind of clicked and suddenly the world made sense. Fortunately, having the support of her family meant that the experience wasn’t overly traumatic for her.

As a “free range” kid, with a natural love for the outdoors it wasn’t all that uncommon for a young A.C. to disappear with a brother or two for a multi-day camping trip. They always came back...eventually. Sometimes a bit worse for the wear, but a few broken bones never killed anyone.

Over time, and with the help of her parents, A.C. shaped that love of nature into a realistic career. A.C. breezed through a Bachelor’s degree in Geology at the University of Colorado. Afterwards she transferred to Columbiana where she finished her Masters and, most recently, her PhD in Geological Engineering. With the motto of, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” she has put her skill to use improving existing field equipment technologies. Less time struggling with shitty equipment means more time to be spent enjoying the great outdoors.


Call name: Bean, Beano
Registered name: Bean vom Deutschebag
Age: 4
German Shepherd
One of AC’s “hobbies” is search and rescue. Mostly it’s an excuse to get out and explore terrain that would otherwise be out of bounds, but hey saving people is a nice side effect. Together she and Bean specialize in search, rescue, and recovery after local natural disasters though they also participate in general wilderness SAR. Bean is reasonably well trained and well behaved. AC has gone so far as to get him a service dog vest that she puts on him whenever she wants to take him somewhere dogs aren’t allowed, despite the fact that she in no way requires a service animal (yeah, she’s one of those people).

Healing- With this power Bean can heal another creature by licking their wounds.
Tracking- Bean can track any being, provided he first has a sample of the target’s Resonance. Successfully reproducing a mage’s Resonance requires Prime 2 and Mind 2, but it’s best if he can “sniff” at something the target has actually touched or altered magically.
Resilience- Bean is tough.
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 Posted: Jan 3 2016, 03:39 AM
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