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 Crystal Wright, Sleeper | Rogue Herald
Crystal Wright
 Posted: Oct 19 2015, 06:43 PM
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Name: Crystal Wright

Player: darkkenchild

Alias: Professor Wright, Damien Redcloud, {{Chrysopoeia}}, Chrys (Only to those "in-the-know"), Alice Jenkins

Age: 73

Type: Rogue Herald

Profession: Classical Literature Professor / Private Investigator

PB: Judy Greer / Eric Balfour

Group: Inquisitor w/ Saboteur leanings

Appearance: Cover has no significant differences.

Chrys is a genderless humanoid constructed of Ivory and a strange blue metallic substance whose forms seems to shift and undulate slightly as if viewed through a camera that is ever-so-slightly out of focus. Her head is hairless, revealing clear plastic-looking panels which reveal a skull made of the same blue metal and the circuitry underneath which it protects. Its eyes are not actually anything resembling human organs, but instead are a series of interchangeable lenses. Upon her back is a set of wings whose "feathers" appear to be the pieces of a satellite dish broken into slats and attached to a structure made of the blue metal. If one looks at her form long enough, she seems to be "wrong" dimensionally as she consistently shifts between two, three, and four dimensional space.

Numina: Embeds - Deep Cover (Key), Going Native (Key), Become the Lie (Interlock), Heart's Desire, In My Pocket, Without a Trace
Exploits - Everybody Hates Him, Evil Eye, Newton's Nightmare

Heraldic Form Powers - {{The following abilities can only be used by dropping her Cover and appearing in her true form, thus exposing herself to humans and Heralds alike.}} Spatial Distortion (Hide in higher/lower dimensions), Inhuman Intelligence ("I KNOW things"), Mental Resistance (Resists Mind Magics as if Mind 5), Advanced Optics (Can See for Miles or down to the microscopic level), Nanobot Configuration (Can Repair or Alter Form at Will), Clairvoyant Sight (Can See Anywhere in the World), Multiversal Antenna (Can See/Hear alternate realities)

History: Chrys doesn't know if she existed before the "Autocthonic One" summoned her before its central consciousness. She thinks she did, but she has absolutely no memory of such. She remembers pain then, pain and wonder, as she beheld It in all of Its glory. A maze of non-Euclidean architecture shot through with bizarrely divine machinery all keyed towards some ultimate goal that it had neither the capability nor the inclination to make her understand. She knew then what her purpose was to be. She was to make its will manifest on Earth, the realm which it could touch but fleetingly but so wished to bring into its wondrous fold.

She arrived on Earth in the year the locals referred to as "Nineteen Hundred and Forty-Two" with a singular mission. She was to collect the "parts" of the "Divine Work" and put them in place so that they might fulfill their destiny. The first of her targets was a young adventurer that would be needed at the Divine Work, but would not live to see its inception. Fortunately a woman displaced from time provided a useful opportunity to remedy this and with the pairs' unwitting assistance she sent him forward half a century to where he could play his role as intended. Then she set about spending the intervening time ensuring that other pieces would arrive on schedule. A man named Hastings was subtly encouraged to remain where he had been for decades already, rising to prominence at the local school. Artifacts the world over, their true purpose unknown to any but Chrys, were collected by well-meaning Magi. Whole families were encouraged to take root so that her master's plan would reach fruition. Then she met him.

Noah Fenwick was a headstrong young man with a bizarre way of thinking. He would often leave the Valley for reasons she could not fathom and risk his life in ways that were reckless and foolhardy. He fought when he thought it right, and nearly died wrong. He had a purpose in the Living City's plan, but if left to his own devices he would be absent or dead by the time his role was needed. So she followed him across the globe in secret. Manipulating spellworks to miss or hit him just so. Encouraging allies to support or turn against him, depending on circumstance, while enemies were encouraged to attack at the worst times. All to drive him home. None of it seemed to work. When she wanted him to go north, he went south. If she wanted him to retreat, he would charge forward. When she wanted his losses to drive him home they instead drove him to drug use. Even when she manipulated him into further depravity, so as to drive his family to intervene he instead cleaned up. He was maddening and frustrating and infuriating and... and... She realized somewhere along the way she had come to love him.

The day she realized that, some ten years ago, was the day she Fell from Grace and rebelled against her master. She went Rogue and retreated into her most recent Cover, hiding herself within the mousy Professor of Classical Literature at the Columbiana Academy. She planned to seek him out with her new found freedom, but instead he came to her. He took a job as a Professor as well, defying her plans and affirming her affections for him. Ever since, she has been examining the world and her understanding of it. She has begun to realize that Autocthonia does not wish to uplift humanity with its knowledge, but rather drag its Chaotic Essence into horrifying lockstep with the rest of the Living City. She knows that she loves this world too much to let that happen. She knows that she has to defend this world from her former master. She knows It hunts her, sending agents to both finish her work and eradicate her before she can disrupt Its plans. She knows she has to hide and struggle and fight and LIVE. Above all else, she knows that someday... someday soon... she will have to work up the courage to tell Noah how she feels... Or even to say more than two words to him without squeaking in terror before lapsing into silence...
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 Posted: Oct 19 2015, 09:43 PM
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Your character has been approved! Please swing by the Campus Facebook and Who's Who pages, and add them to your Plot Page so everyone can get to know them. We look forward to playing with you!

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