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Jan 13 2016, 12:53 AM
Jen could barely comprehend what had happened. She had been sitting in her wheelchair off to one side of the room as the press conference had unfolded. She wasn’t happy about what the Mayor had been saying, but she understood why these things were necessary. In fact, as much as she hated the idea of the Quarantine, she had made mental note to ask the Spirits to help maintain it on their side of the Wall. At least, until she saw Mansfield’s pissant of a son stand up and make himself known.

Jen’s mind raced as the young man’s words caused so much chaos and distress in the room. Doubly so when she heard the protesters arriving on the scene. Cursing how chaos followed the boy like a shadow, she knew that things would go horribly wrong very very soon. She started wheeling herself towards the door and waiting for the other shoe to drop.

And drop it did a minute later when a gunshot from a panicky officer struck one of the protesters. “Dammit…” She muttered under her breath as violent chaos erupted around her. SELF and their Free Council finally had their martyr, hopefully it was someone who deserved it…

It took mere moments before the riot began. From her vantage point in City Hall, Jen couldn’t see who threw the first punch but it hardly mattered. Things were getting out of hand far too quickly. Pulling a small wooden carving, resembling an owl, and setting it alight with a blue zippo Jen begn chanting. Jen spared a quick glance towards the podium where the Mayor was now taking cover while the police cheif stood guad and waited for an opening to retreat. Neva’s eyes grew wide as she saw the flames burn a faint blue color and spread to the empty air before Jen which seemed to burn a hole in reality itself. The flames spread to Jen as wel, Scourging her hands until they were scorched and burned.

Ignoring the pain of her wounds, Jen scanned the boundaries of the Astral Portal she had opened. Confident that it would hold and remain stable, Jen shouted towards the panicked crowd. “This way! We have to get out of here! Follow me!” Then, wincing from the pain, Jen pushed her wheels and moved through the portal into the Astral Realms…

...and into a world enflamed. The Astral reflection of the Valley, looking like forest of buildings and books and carvings and standing stones, everything that represented the Valley in the minds of its people were ablaze. Eyes widening in horror, Jen cried out and searched for the spirits. She spotted them scattered about the place, many were running in panic but the stronger and bolder ones were desperately trying to extinguish the flames.
Aug 2 2015, 02:54 PM
It was a slow day in Columbiana and largely uneventful on the university grounds. The summer session was in full swing and thus most of the year's students were away for summer break. The handful of students that remained were milling about, moving from one class to the other or otherwise enjoying the simple pleasure of a mild summer day in the Valley.

Jen was all too ready to do just that herself. Her one class session of the week, a refresher course on astral projection into the Spirit Realms, had just wrapped up moments before and she was exchanging calm pleasantries with those students which seemed disinclined to leave her "classroom" just within the treeline at the edge of campus. She had no other duties to perform today and her girlfriend didn't expect her home until dinner that evening, so she had the rest of the day to enjoy herself...

...or rather would if not for the impossibly large creature that came charging out of the treeline. It was immense, roughly the size of a bear and snarling through slavering jaws. Its teeth were impossibly large, causing its mouth to jut open in the strangest way as if the mouth were only barely able to contain its toothy occupants. Stranger yet, its fur was extremely long and was full of wild whorls that seemed to come to a sinister point; its fur looked like it was spun of razor wire and twisted to point in every direction at once. Worst of all? It's eyes glowed with obvious intelligence as it surveyed the quickly scattering residents of the campus green. "Whhhheeeerrrreeee iiiiisssss iiiiittttt?! IIIIiiiiitttttt mmmmuuuuuussssttttt nnnnooootttt hhhhiiiiddddeeee...." It's speech was garbled and its words hissed as they wound through its slavering maw, but it was clearly still speech and confirmed the beast's intelligence.

Jen, for her part, was cursing a blue streak. "Holy fuckballs, not this shit again..." She groaned slightly and glared at the creature as if here look alone could banish it. Quickly gesturing at her few remaining students to scatter into the treeline for safety, she rolled up the sleeves of her flannel overshirt and walked out of the treeline and into the green. "Hey! Dickwolf! Over here!" She only hoped that her bravado and curse words would be enough to hide the white-hot fear that roiled in her stomach. Sure she was a powerful mage and sure she had faced down dragons and gods alike in the spirit wilds, but that was the spirit wilds. She knew what she dealt with there, what her enemies were. This was something different. It was not a werewolf, wrong build and they couldn't talk when shifted. Not an embodied spirit, as it didn't resonate right to her senses. It wasn't some bygone beastie, as the university tracked all those and it looked wrong besides. No, she didn't even know what this was... and now it was looking right at her with murder in its eyes...
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