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Kate Rook


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Dec 30 2015, 03:06 PM
It was always a wonder to Kate how the weather between the real world and the hedge could be so drastically different, while she wasn't the slightest bit certain of whether or not it was incredibly ahead of or behind the wintery mess she was in, it did seem almost beautifully warm from where she was observing. A trap of course, something lovely to lead unknowing travelers into a realm of what could have been considered hell. Which was why she was there.

Well, not that she was the only one that ever went and stood post at the Gap in the hedge. But there were times when she felt like she was the only guard worth just about anything in this valley, and she hated doing it. It made her fur stand on end, and she never came unarmed and ready for the worst since she was put up to the task. The Duke was still mad about the time she had run in without permission...but she wouldn't have had to do that if it hadn't been for him letting those briarwolves in, and subsequently stealing her son. Not-son, whatever. So now she was doing court chores. Well, if you wanted anything done right, you had to do it yourself. (And thank god Matt hadn't said anything about him and his trade or ooooh-wheee she didn't know what she'd do if that little nugget got out- thank god for magitech or whatever it was really called).

She sat perched high for the best vantage point, hunkered down with a bow in her clawed hand, Kate was nearly meditation serene as she kept her eyes trained on enemy territory. Ears the only thing on her body showing a hint of movement as they roved for sound, the very picture of an ambush predator waiting for something to attack. Her mind didn't race, her vision like her thoughts were focused. Protect the border, keep the thorns and the hobgoblins at bay, but she couldn't help but think this would be easier if not for just her standing sentinel, and better yet, if weren't simply their more likely to fall ilk doing it. She had said so in so many terms so many times the entire theatre could probably state her rants verbatim.

But she wasn't wrong. Changeling problems were apparently only changeling problems. Which simply was not the case and she knew it! They were human problems, and xenophobia aside, the magi were human, and they were human...and humans well prey to the others just as naturally as anyone, no matter what they called themselves. Pretending it wasn't everyone's problems was hurting them, and they could help one another and...


Well there went a good state, Kate's tail flicked like a particularly annoyed cat as she furrowed her brows since in that instant something caught her attention on the valley side rather then the hedge side...of course that didn't mean there wasn't any reason to not react the same given the circumstances. Everything here was bad news. "Who's there?" She whipped around, arrow on point as she tooled the shaft in the direction of the sound. The huntress wouldn't miss, so she gave it time, knowing she had plenty of it, at least for her.
Aug 17 2015, 12:25 AM
There had been no time to waste for such paltry things as explanations or you know...thinking of a plan. Kate was running off instinct and she wasn't exactly using them correctly. Every nerve in her body said run the other direction, and yet here she was rushing headlong towards briars that once tore her asunder once, nearly a literal lifetime ago. Her heart beat in her ears like a drum as she made her way towards the hole that she knew of...she knew she was going to get there and then they'd be stopped by one of the local changelings there. Maybe the dragon, or the golem...she didn't know them by name, but she knew them enough by appearance and reputation- either way she staked her fate on their denial of their safe passage.

Too bad so sad right?

Except that as they hit the treeline, there was no one there. No guard standing vigil between the real world and the horrors of the hedge. Nothing was stopping them. Kate could feel her tongue grow thick in her mouth and her heartbeat felt like it was almost weakening in her chest. "I..." She slowed, glancing back at a near stranger to whom she owed nothing, yet catching that terrified look in Matt's eyes shook the self preservation from her hooves. No running back, only forward. "I need you to stay close. Don't panic." She kept saying that, because fear only bred more fear, but mostly because of what happened next.

With a gasp she stepped past the enchantments that kept the path hidden, a well kept path through the thorns. At first glance it hardly looked threatening, it was almost beautiful if you didn't look for the threats. But they were there, ever present, the chattering in the trees, the feeling of eyes upon you...and beneath them the imprint of fresh paw prints in the sunken soil. Kate ducked down, head low as she checked trail, fingers dipped into the indent to see how filled it had made itself. Tracking skills from a bygone era. They went this way, but how deep? Well fucked if she knew.

"It went this way."

Kate was trying to be confident, but felt nothing but vulnerable and exposed, her mask had washed away the second she had stepped over, from the top of her horns to the tip of her fluffy little tail. Matt could see her as she truly was, and in her experience it was one of those things that was a bit of a deal breaker when having positive relations with just about anyone who wasn't a complete freak like her. So she plaintively tried to ignore him and whatever fit would come of all this. Because she had no time for this, and neither did Jack, but she could feel it getting under her skin. Her furry, furry skin.
Jul 14 2015, 03:06 AM
She had bargained with herself- if the man was still there after the weekend, then she might contact him. Kate knew that was coward's talk, but she had guessed that maybe after a few days time Matt would skip town, giving up on the notion of some long lost wife, you know showing a bit of sense to leave this godforsaken valley and go the fuck home. Back to New York where things made sense!

Now if that wasn't the saddest thing to ever consider, Kate didn't know what was. Well actually she did, and that was the state of her 'husband' himself, she had been keeping a steady and watchful eye on the strange man since he had made himself known. Some people would call that stalking, but really she could only consider it looking out for herself, after all, she didn't know how this man behaved and she had been too lucky to be as alive as she was now. This was just like...insuring her good fortune.

Besides, if she was going to confront this gent, she had better figure his habits, he had a heap of shit on her, and not the other way around she was certain. So she had to figure something to gain the upper hand, case in point- Mr. Doting-Dad took his (or was it their?) son on a walk to the park every afternoon, the little beast apparently had a hell of a lot of energy to burn before naptime, because they'd spend quite a bit of time out there. If the two of them had to talk, that's where she was going to meet him. Neutral ground.

Which was exactly what she did, hesitantly, in almost abject horror, heart pitter pattering in her chest as she trotted over, watching as the little boy frolicked around a broken man who didn't seem so much like he wanted to play. Not that she could blame him, she wasn't feeling so playful herself these days, "Um...hey." She peeped up, watching as tiny eyes met hers first, those eyes that looked just as deep and brown as her own, almost accusatory really, because that kid knew as well as she did, she wasn't mom. "What's up?"
Jul 9 2015, 04:55 PM
Leaving work early was something that Kate didn't do, for a girl who had never really had gainful employment in her natural life her professional ethic was impeccable- but Tobias had sent her home and closed the shop after that strange, strange run in with her fetch's widower. Or was it her estranged husband? The lines blurred the more she thought about it, because after all...it had been her in a sense, at least legally.

She had walked home the long way, trying to think. More troublesome then a man that some mirror mirror version of her had decided to spend the rest of its life with was that there was a kid. A kid who had looked exactly like a kid she might have had if ever she had one. Same eyes, and yet she didn't know him, but she had felt some sort of connection to him. Which made her skin crawl- and she couldn't quite say way.

Maybe she was getting the baby crazies and didn't know it. Struck a chord or something.

But the most pressing matter was, her old life was starting to come back to her and she hated it, because she never got to live it. And she had wanted to. C'est la vie when you were a freak she supposed, however it still rubbed her wrong, and the second she got into that apartment she had something to say, a panic of flurry as she hopped onto Ellis' bed and shaking the mattress as she yowled:

"Get up shithead! THIS IS AN EMERGENCY."

Where was the lie? There was none, but that hungover sadsack had to get his sorry ass out of bed because this was both their problem, even though she had a feeling her friend wouldn't' see it that way.
Mar 5 2015, 04:47 AM
There was a reason Kate had ever gotten Ellis a phone in the first place. To keep tabs on him. A certain agreement had been made, his suicidal ass kept it on and on hand at all times, and in return, she was at his beck and all were he to need anything. Which was usually 3 am cold calls about nightmares or existential crises about whatever what have you- but the agreement was there, and when Kate called the night before to make up for missed coffee with supper? Nothing. This morning for breakfast? Nothing.

So when lunch came around and she still got that voice mail? She had no goddamn time, because she was pretty much certain that he was hanging from the closest.

Oh she was practically furious as she stomped her way towards that ratty ass apartment with that ratchet ass changeling stood HER up and probably slipped into the void. It had been bad enough that Clint had to reassure her past all those angry frustrated tears and encouraged her to go check on him. Which she was, but she wasn't going to be happy about it, especially if he was dead. Because he probably was, and if he wasn't?

She was going to kill him.

Kate hopped up the fire escape as she did a thousand times before and opened up the window. "Ellis?" Why was it always like this? Her sneaking in trying to find him in whatever state her best friend had put himself in and given that she left him, part of her almost blamed herself for whatever she'd find and she hated it. "Ellis I haven't been able to get ahold of you, you better not be dead you dumb fu-..." Well, she found him, alive, but not particularly well, Kate's expression softened in an instant, as she watche Ellis sitting in a clean spot of his room sniffling in frustration. "Awww....what's wrong?" Cleanliness? In her Donoghue? Whatever could have gotten him to do that? She tapped over and hunched down to meet him at his level, running her hand through his hair.

"Tell Kate."
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