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Veronica Bell


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Jan 20 2016, 04:45 PM
Veronica had received one of those investigations that could put her in jail because sneaking into someone's house was illegal. it was true that a private investigator could justify it, but only if the investigator found something and by Veronica's experience it happened few times. If someone was really hiding something then they didn't hide it in their house. However, Veronica had to give it a shot.

So, here she was, at night, waiting for the owner to not be in the house. Veronica approached the house when she was sure that Crystal wasn't present "...and you are a thief now Veronica" she thought walking behind the house, she was wearing all black to not draw any attention. She better find something. Most of the time, Veronica searched people's houses only if she was sure to find some sort of proof.

Veronica was in front of the window "It seems that there isn't any security system...strange" she frowned looking down at the window, or at least it seemed so when she had made some research about the house and the owner. However, this was the only entrance hidden enough so she had to use it, she was gonna worry about the security system if it happened, she didn't want to stay here for too much time anyway.

Veronica managed to open the window and sneak into the house, it was dark, but she had a little flashlight, she had to be careful when to use it though because it could be seen from outside if Veronica pointed the light directly at one of the windows. Veronica closed the window behind her and started snooping around, she didn't know how much time she had.
Jan 13 2016, 06:25 AM

Veronica Bell

She is 27 years old, Sleeper and a Private Investigator.
Her job puts her in boring/embarrassing/dangerous situations...it depends what the job is all about, but sometimes even just a cheating check can turn out bad.
However, I'd like her to end up in some trouble because of her job, maybe she finds out too much, or just enough, to end up in someone's bad side.
Or, someone could hire her but with the intention to put her in danger.
But normal threads are okay too, like going to the cinema or a concert, just normal scenarios.
Stuff like that, of course I'm open to everything, those are just basic ideas!

Jan 13 2016, 02:11 AM

Player Name: Clara

Character Name: Veronica Bell

Alias: //

Age: 27

Character Type: Sleeper

Class Level: Sleeper

Profession: Private Investigator

Faction: //

Secret Societies: //

PB: Kristen Bell

Appearance: Nothing differs from the PB.

Powers: No powers. She is just a simple human being. Not awakened.

Personality: She can be a tomboy, she likes things like paintball (especially when she was younger), adventuring and curiosity is one of her qualities. However, she is still a girl so she isn't immune to gossiping or talking about boys or make up or other girl-like stuff. Especially gossiping, it helps with her job. But, she has become more serious and less girlish when she grew up, her maturity aged too.

Veronica likes searching for the truth, something that runs in her family. She would search for the truth even if it led to dangerous adventures. However, truth hurts and Veronica has learnt that lesson more than one time. In fact, she can be very stubborn. Also, she could neglect herself if she is working on something important, for example sleep deprivation is never something nice.

Veronica has a very childish fear, in fact she is afraid of the dark like little kids are. She is afraid of it because she can't see what happens around her. Although, when she experience fear she always try to not show it becoming very serious, her expression cold as ice. She doesn't like showing her most vulnerable aspects of herself and if that happens then she tries to handle the situation as best as she can.

History: Veronica was born in the Columbiana Valley. Her father and mother were Private Investigators, but all Bell's family has been into investigating stuff. Richard and Emilia were her parents, but they died because of a car incident when Veronica was five years old. From that moment, Veronica has been raised by her father's brother, Kramer Bell. Also, sometimes she also goes to Italy to visit her mother's side of the family, Veronica speaks Italian so that she can comunicate with them, but also because she wants to fell closer to her mother. Luckily enough, Veronica has a united family and basically she was raised by his uncle and other relatives.

While she was passing Christmas at her aunt's, Isabella's, house in Italy, Veronica did her first investigation to find her parents' journals...that was her aunt's present. Isabelle had understood that Veronica had the brains to become a Private Investigator as her parents and that especially that Veronica was very curious. Veronica followed the hints and found the journals in the attic. The journals talked about the first time that he parents had met, then some of their investigation experiences, also, there were some letters about the wedding...especially from Richard to Emilia, he seemed the most romantic one of them.

Finding the journals made Veronica so happy and proud, she liked the feeling that came after the discovering. Also, reading about her parents' investigtions made her want to become a Private Investigator even more, in fact she had already wanted to become a PI to follow her parents' footsteps, but now the motivation was even higher. So, Veronica finished University and gave the exam for PI, she passed it and she has been working as a PI for years, she still works as PI, it's her full time job.

She really likes being a Private Investigator. Although, sometimes it can be very boring...just people asking to follow their husband or wife because of cheating. However, sometimes it can become very dangerous...especially in a place like Columbiana Valley. There is something in this city...something hidden...that Veronica wants to find, but curiosity killed the cat...and Veronica could end up being the cat if she keeps snooping around.
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