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 How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb, Tag: Noah
Crystal Wright
 Posted: Feb 5 2016, 01:17 PM
Rogue Psychopomp
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Chrys was hyper-ventilating. To say she was nervous would be the undstatement of her nearly two centuries of existence. "Oh god... What did I do...?" She couldn't believe she had done this, that she had willlingly subjected herself to this madness. She scanned her memories for the thousandth time and felt sure that, yes, this was the most stressful thing she could recall beyond the day she chose to Fall. Nothing else even compared to this, and even those moments where she had felt fear for chances of dissolution hadn't been the same because they were not the result of her own decisions... This? This was her fault.

It had started innocently enough. The Technology and Engineering department had been doing its yearly fund--raising gala, trying to increase the scholarship funds and maybe donate a bit of the extra to finishing the rebuilding of the Student Center. She paid the fee to go, dug around until she found an acceptable cocktail dress, and expected to spend the rest of the evening hovering near the hors d'oeuvres table. She didn't even mingle or look around much until the 'date auction' came under way. She didn't expect to see much out of the norm, the same grad students and younger staff playing the crowd for a few extra bucks. Then, rather than the expected little asian girl from years before, Chrys heard the name Noah Fenwick announced. Shell-shocked, she turned to look just in time to see a hand rise and a bid being placed. On impulse she shouted "fifteen hundred" and only realized as silence rose that the previous bid hadn't been five hundred but had rather been fifty. The shout of "Sold!" had sealed her embarassing fate...

Now, the day of said date had arrived and if she were more prone to hyperbole, Chrys would be claiming that her heart was about to beat out of her chest from sheer panic. It was far too late to cancel, and guilt had prevented her from rescinding her bid anyhow. Besides, part of her had wanted this to happen. Maybe not in this way, but still... After all, uknowing or not, Noah had been instrumental in her Fall. She had harbored feelings for him for longer than he even knew she existed. This was why she had bid in the first place, in full-on Freudian style. She had been trying to work up the courage to ask him out for half a decade. Maybe it was Fate after all...

...but even if it was, she still felt about ready to vomit and was considering locking the door while turning out the lights. "Maybe if he thought I wasn't home... That I forgot...? No. He'll be here any minute and I couldn't do that to him... Could I...?"
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