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Ellis Donoghue


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Nov 18 2015, 01:49 AM
Things moved quickly after the dust had settled in the Hag. The headmaster of the Academy had started shouting orders almost immediately; some of the older mages had been sent to go after the crazy guy who had been waxing poetic, and pretty much everyone else was ordered to get the hell out of dodge lest he come back for a round two. A good chunk of the other Lost had looked like they were going to group up and try to figure out what had happened, but Ellis wasn't about to stick around and play detective, because he was far to busy freaking the hell out.

Everyone could see him for what he truly was, and any attempts to once again cover himself with his his mask failed. Which meant Herb could see him, and-- oh, god, Herb, looking like the cosmos themselves were pouring out of his pores... what the hell had that psycho done to them? Everyone who had been in that bar had been transformed one way or another but Ellis didn't care about them, shallow as it was, all he cared about was getting back home and making sure Herb was okay.

Which was exactly where they were headed. It wasn't so much a walk as a run, the apartment wasn't far but Ellis had no intention of taking his good sweet time when anyone who looked his way would see his blackened eyes and deformed hands and horrible, papery skin. Everyone who had bolted out of the tavern had done what they could to conceal themselves, some snatching up tablecloths or drapes to make impromptu hoods or cloaks. Ellis himself had pulled the collar of his jacket up around his ears, face pointed down as he watched his shoes smack against the pavement with each hurried step.

The walk was quiet, and tense, or at least it felt that way to Ellis, which left him alone with his thoughts, none of which were doing anything to calm him down. Were they going to be like this forever? What would Herb do if he found out this is what he had really been dating the last few months? The stardust under Herb's skin had gone snaking up along Ellis' arm back in the bar, was that dangerous? What would happen to Herb if it all seeped away? Could that even happen?

A thousand racing thoughts and not a single solid answer. That was all Ellis had as they reached the apartment, and with shaking hands he managed to dig his key out and unlock the door, hurriedly darting inside before locking it behind them. The moment they were safe behind closed doors, he lifted his hands and ran them down along his face, letting out a muffled whimper behind his fingers before blurting out, "What the-- what the hell happened back there? I-- are you okay?" His hands dropped and he looked over at Herb, trying to get a read on his boyfriend's face, which was hard; half of it was peeled away and glowing.
Oct 27 2015, 03:38 AM
During that horrible moment in the Hag where he thought he was going to die, Ellis had sworn he would start living life to the fullest if he somehow managed to make it out of the pub alive. Which he had. Made it out, that is; that bit about turning his life around was still on hold. Namely because he had become an even bigger hermit than he had been before. Which was on account of the fact that anyone who laid eyes on him could see that he was, in fact, a terrible soulless black-eyed paper monster.

Which meant he'd been spending quite a bit of time holed up in the apartment with a five-year-old who kept trying to draw all over him and a rabbit that kept trying to gnaw on him. And a Herb, who had miraculously not went running for the hills after he came clean about not being entirely human. Oh, and a Kate, too, lest he forget. But right now the five-year-old was in school, the rabbit was in gay baby jail, and the Herb was off doing whatever it was that Herbs with exploding star faces did in their spare time -- probably something with Avery. And the Kate was in her room.

Ellis himself had moved his sad depression nest from the bedroom to the living room in order to binge watch some shitty sitcom he had missed while he was in the hedge. It had Doogie Howser in it, Bob Saget was narrating for some reason... honestly, Ellis wasn't paying much attention, not when he was about two seconds away from going full nap on the couch.

Or he would have been if someone hadn't started knocking on the front door. Which was... odd. Kate was home, the squirt still had a few hours of school left, Herb would have just portaled in, even Avery had a key. Ellis lifted his head, peeking over the back of the couch and waiting it out for a second until-- knock, knock.

Those black shark-eyes narrowed, and Ellis huffed in annoyance, rolling off the couch with a grumble and walking over towards the door, looking through the peephole and pulling back with a start. He hadn't ever seen the guy in person, but Ellis was pretty damn sure the face on the other side of the door belonged to Mr. Kate Rook. Or Matt, as it were; either way that was definitely the guy from that Facebook album Kate had showed him.

Which was weird because Ellis was preeeetty sure that guy was stuck in Arcadia.

"Hrrrrnnn..." Ellis stepped away from the door, both hands running though his hair as a third set of knocks rapped against the door. Should he let him in? How did he know where Kate lived? He was here for her, right? Oh, shit, no, for the kid, duh, but-- something just felt off about all this, or maybe not, maybe it was all legit and Matt had just made his way out of the hedge but Ellis was just chock full of paranoia these days and so:

"One sec!"

He shouted at the front door and then booked it over towards Kate's room, hastily knocking against the door before hissing, "Kaaaate, get out here, your not-husband's knocking on the door and I'm freaking out."
Jul 31 2015, 12:31 AM
There were generally two reasons Ellis ever found himself awake before the late afternoon. One, he had to work. Or two, he had to pee. There were, of course, the times in which Kate would bust his door in and-- literally-- beat his ass awake. But today, having to take a leak was winning. He had tried to put it off as long as possible, but there was only so much abuse his bladder could take, and so with an annoyed huff, Ellis kicked the covers off and sat up, trying his best not to jostle around too much, lest he wake the mop haired pile of Jew next to him.

He swung his legs over the side of the bed, and started to scoot forward, until some unexpected movement caught his eye. Unexpected, and coming from his own body. Ellis blinked, glancing down, eyes settling on his tits for a moment--



His what?

Ellis hadn't taken many literal double takes in his life but he took one now, chin nearly digging into his neck as he stared down, eyes wide, both hands coming up and settling over the twin bumps on his chest, giving them both a squeeze. He gasped, having half expected them to disappear but nope, there they were, hanging out like they had always been there. Ellis stood up, nearly stumbling over the piles of papers, books, and discarded clothes strewn around his floor as he made his way towards the dresser and, more importantly, the mirror hung above it.


The face looking back at him was his own, only different, the angles softened, his neck more slender, his shoulders less broad and oh holy hell those really were tits! Ellis gaped, staring in horror for a moment before spinning on his heels and shrieking, in a voice a few octaves higher than he was used to: "HERB! Herb wake up!"
Feb 16 2015, 04:21 AM
"Yeah, hey, where are you?"

Kate being late wasn't exactly anything out of the norm. The woman came and went as she pleased and Ellis had long ago accepted that there was no such thing as a 'set time' when it came to his bestie. Normally he wouldn't have called. No, normally he'd finish his drink and leave the coffee shop and leave with the certainty that she'd show up at his apartment sooner or later.

But normal was a relative term these days. Ever since they got back from New York, Ellis had been feeling... out of sorts. He didn't have a hand in what had happened, not really, but he was there and even though he had pointed a blind eye towards what had gone down, he couldn't shake the feeling that there were things Kate wasn't telling him. Like why there had been so many sirens going off as they had left even though she assured him no one had seen her do the deed and ugh, would you just drive already stop asking questions.

"An interview? Where at?"

It had been more than that, though. He had been home. Just a stone's throw away from where he had grown up, where his family still lived, where his life was going on without him, where he should have been the last eight years, where he should be now. They called it homesickness for a reason; that shit stuck around. Like some sad ache deep in his gut that wasn't dulling no matter how many miles and state lines he put between himself and that brownstone on 64th.

"Well... good luck. Yeah. No, it's fine. I-- Kate, it's fine."

Yup. Fine. All fine. Just peachy. Ellis slipped his glasses off and pinched at the bridge of his nose, letting Kate run through her usual tough-love rant until she ran out of steam. The cosmos was forgiving today; he only got a thirty-second pep talk before she had to hang up and head in for her interview. Kate Rook, working at a book store. That was like Ellis signing up to work at a place that sold basketballs and soccer cleats.

...Did they use cleats in soccer? There, see, he didn't even know. Perfect analogy.

Ellis set his phone on the table, slipping his glasses back on before glancing out the window of the coffee shop, fingers tapping idly against the side of his coffee cup. It was still too hot to down it all in one go, but as soon as he managed to hit the bottom of that cardboard cup, he'd slink back off to his little hovel of an apartment and... wait.
Jan 21 2015, 07:59 PM
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