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 Groups, Site "Species"
 Posted: Jul 23 2018, 01:06 PM
Man with a Plan
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Character Groups

One of the two most defining characteristics of your character are your character’s status as either Mortal, Wyrdling, or Mage. Each is given a brief description below, but further information can be found elsewhere.

Townie: The default (supernatural) power ranking, the Townies are those who are neither Mages nor Wyrdlings. Most are "mortals," and thus indistinguishable from any other "normal" human being. The very nature of Columbiana Valley means that most Townies are very much aware of magic and the supernatural, even if they are incapable of working it themselves. This means they have absolutely no magical power of their own, though they can use some basic talismans if they are provided with an external source of magical power. Basically, these folks are your basic “mortal” types. To clarify, no Townie has any access to personal magic and some do not know magic is real, though in a place like Columbiana this is rare. Conversely, they may be fully aware of the entire supernatural world, but are incapable of matching these beings a mystical level. ((It is worth noting that on this site, "Townie" is also used as a catch-all for any supernatural characters who do not fall within the categories below.))
Starting Number of Spells: N/A

Sometimes, when the stars align or the wrong border is crossed, mortals find themselves in the realm of Arcadia. Arcadia is a remarkable realm, where dreams come true and mystic power permeates the very air one breaths. This wondrous vista is not without its dangers however, and Arcadia is no place for human beings. Beyond the physical dangers of the creatures there, Arcadia strips away one’s humanity. Eventually, visitors become so inhuman, they can never return to their homeworld. Wyrdlings are those individuals who survived Arcadia, lost their humanity, but have managed to find their way home. They have been blessed with unique and potent abilities, but are also bound with odd needs and have lost their own humanity entirely.
Starting Number of Spells: N/A ((See this page for details))

Mage Sub-Groups
The typical students seen in the halls of the Academy, the undergraduates are the lifeblood of the school. They are here to learn the methods of magic and achieve their highest potential. They are young and impressionable, but also possess a fiery passion that gives them tremendous flexibility and the ability to affect the world around them. These are the most common Mages in the Valley and the school provides them with food, a place to live, and other basic needs that other groups need to survive, thus freeing them up to focus on their studies.
Starting Number of Spells: 4

Whether a student who has returned to the Academy for further studies or one of those who have chosen to remain in the valley after graduating, a Graduate is someone who has finished their basic mystical training. Graduates are the “standard” power level of most Mages in the world, and represents an average level of mystic ability. Most will continue growing in power after leaving school, but it a much slower journey outside of a formal academy and thus it is not typical to rise much further than this on one’s own. Some Graduates return to the Academy as Graduate Students, thus refining their mystic ability for specialist positions within Mage society. Most such have a goal of either working directly for the council (such as at a school or an organization like ARES) or seek positions of power within some related organization.
Starting Number of Spells: 6

The truly gifted Graduate Degree holding Magi of the world are approached by the Academy to be taken in as Faculty or Staff. Faculty are those who are scholastic experts in a given field(s), typically asked to teach both a mundane subject (such as History or Biology) and a mystic subject (such as Scrying or Transfiguration). These are the true power of the school, but they also have the greatest amount of responsibility. They are expected to put the school first, sometimes even before their own lives.
Starting Number of Spells: 8
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