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Feb 7 2016, 01:53 PM
I have to send my laptop in later this afternoon to fix some display issues, so odds are I will be disappearing for a couple weeks. I will have my phone, so I'm going to try to keep up with the SWP, but expect replies in there to be a bit short.

Update: I should be getting it back on the 25th, so hopefully I'll be back online the following weekend.
Jan 7 2016, 09:04 PM
The theater was closed for the day, but Faun still had a couple hours before she was due at Vreni's club for work. Having grown up in a time period with less than a fraction of the technology she was now exposed to, Faun preferred to fall back on more-archaic methods of passing the time. This usually manifested in either reading (she had become a familiar face at Columbiana's public library) or people-watching, as she was doing now. Faun sat on the steps of the theater's main entrance, hunched slightly in her thick winter jacket against the January chill, observing the everyday hustle and bustle of the town. It was, admittedly, an odd thing for someone her age to be doing--whenever she saw another adolescent, they typically had their noses in their phones. As miraculous as the technological leap had been to her, it was also more than a little bit intimidating. No, when Faun wanted to feel calm, it was best to stick to what was tried-and-true.

A police car drove down the road, disrupting the peace she had begun to feel. The feeling of being a prisoner wasn't quite as strong as it had been during her actual Durance, but she wasn't enjoying it's return. The quarantine business was worrying, to say the least. She wanted to believe the official story, that it was in response to a strain of illness, but at least as far as she could tell, the townsfolk appeared perfectly normal. Her theory about it having to do with the changelings nagged in her mind like the buzzing of a fly, but there hadn't been much evidence towards that, either.

She was drawn out of her worrying by a faint ruckus somewhere nearby. Puzzled, she leaned over, trying to see further down the street. What was going on over there?
Dec 17 2015, 12:19 AM
Faun knew that most of the small paycheck she collected at Vreni's nightclub was to be saved for a deposit on a future apartment so she could get out of the Helens' house, but given the season, she could stand to spare a little. Given that both Helens (in addition to herself) hailed from eras long past, she had found a small, sleepy antique store downtown and spent a few hours perusing, looking for suitable Christmas gifts. The two women were not the warmest of hosts, though she could hardly blame them. She was simply grateful for having a place to sleep and three meals a day. And if she was going to be spending Christmas with them, it seemed only proper that she get gifts. After wistfully considering a dusty, archaic radio that would have been perfectly at home in her native 1920s (and she was sure she could have gotten it to work!), she had finally settled on two small things: an enameled music box that played a silvery, plinking rendition of "Amazing Grace" for Helene, and a delicate glass bowl sculpted and tinged like a rose blossom for Helen.

She had paid for the two items, along with small boxes to conceal them in, and stepped out to make her way back home. Tinny Christmas music was playing from the open doorway of another store; a mixture of songs both familiar and unfamiliar. The girl hummed along quietly as she walked, her hand-me-down boots clomping a second mismatched rhythm in the new-fallen snow. It was difficult walking in shoes when one possessed cloven hooves, but as her Mask didn't seem to be good at creating the appearance of clothes, and it would be rather odd to walk barefoot in this weather, she did the best she could to avoid tripping. She let her legs carry her forward as her mind wandered, paying little attention to her surroundings. The music and Christmas shopping had made her melancholy, even moreso than usual. She should have been doing this with her friends and family, not alone in a time and place she should never have lived to see. Tears pricked at her eyes, and she rubbed them away quickly, shifting her bags to her other hand. Crying over her fate wouldn't do any good at this point. Trying to keep her mind off the subject, she looked at the buildings as she walked, trying to appreciate the ornate Christmas decorations and lights.

Wrapped up in her own thoughts, she didn't notice the man in her path until she blundered right into him, eliciting a noise of surprise from the girl. Nearly dropping her bags, she skittered backwards, looking up at him. "I'm sorry sir, I wasn't paying attention. Are you all right?"
Nov 8 2015, 01:08 AM
Faun had been hanging around the theater more often nowadays, finding herself drawn to the same places others of her kind frequented. While she had initially been shocked to find that the local freehold's gathering-place was also home to a handful of hobgoblins, the passage of time and exposure to the creatures gradually lessened her fears.They were of the more benign breeds--smaller, less malicious, more akin to cats in terms of temperament, albeit cats with a near-human level of intelligence. She had made the acquaintance of a few of them, though that didn't necessarily make them close friends. They were mischievous, otherworldly creatures, Faun doubted she would ever be totally at ease around them.

As she busied herself with tidying up a bit of clutter backstage, more out of boredom than anything else, she felt a tug at her pants leg. Faun looked down to see one of the resident creatures, a mammal of some sort with a round catlike face and large ears atop a gibbon-esque body, covered in dappled fur. It's long tail flicked back and forth as it looked at her expectantly. "No, I don't have any candy for you today," she said in reply to its silent demand. In an effort to make friends, she had offered this particular creature a piece of hard candy once, and now it seemed to expect some every time she walked in the door. Sometimes she had treats, sometimes--like now--she didn't.

The creature pouted, sticking its lip out and looking at her with big baleful eyes in such a way that Faun couldn't help but laugh at it. "Don't be so greedy," she chided, ruffling its head fur and shooing it away.

She returned to her organizing as the creature loped off, still sulking. It was bored, and bored hobgoblins were trouble-making hobgoblins. Its mismatched blue-and-green eyes flicked upwards to a high window, left slightly ajar to infuse some autumn air into the musty building. With a grin, it began to scale the wall.

Faun glanced around at the sound of creaking hinges, just in time to see the hobgoblin shoulder the window open further. The smile its antics had left was wiped from her face in an instant. "What are you doing?" she squawked. "It's broad daylight! Someone's gonna see you!"

The hobgoblin looked down at her, blinked once, then stuck out it's tongue and blew a very loud raspberry before jumping out the window.

Faun cursed, scrambling towards the back exit she had come in through. She burst out just in time to see the furry creature take off down the street, and gave chase as best she could, forcing her bad leg to move fast enough to let her keep up. She followed it down the sidewalk, ducking and dodging between startled pedestrians. To her knowledge (though she still knew very little) the hobgoblins rarely left the theater, let alone in the daytime, where anyone could see them. Could hobs Mask? She had no idea, but she might have been about to find out.
Oct 30 2015, 10:40 PM
Though the revelation that she would never reclaim her old life still felt like an open wound, giving herself other things to focus on seemed to dull the pain somewhat. First and foremost, she had decided, would be learning how the world had changed in her ninety years beyond the Hedge. As the technology of the twenty-first century still intimidated her slightly, as fascinating as it was, Faun had decided to tackle this challenge in the old-fashioned way. One trip to the local public library later, and she was lugging a bag of books downtown, making for a small coffee shop she had seen on her way by.

She stepped inside, glad to be out of the cold, and immediately sought out a table to dump her satchel on. A few patrons glanced up at her and the pile of books curiously, but eventually lost interest and returned to whatever they were doing. She had begun to make a little money working for Vreni and so was able to afford a cup of fresh hot chocolate, the perfect thing to drive the last of the autumn cold out of her bones. Once she was settled at her table, Faun examined her finds. She had gone through the nonfiction shelves and picked out anything that looked relevant, finding titles on a variety of topics. She had been somewhat of a bookworm in her previous life, but she still couldn't help but feel a bit of apprehension at trying to fully comprehend this strange future world (she couldn't quite yet think of it as the present). It was ironic, in a way, that her own world now felt more alien to her than the one she had previously languished in. She knew she needed to learn what she could about the Faerie Realm as well, and about the Hedge, but as far as she was concerned, the less contact she had with all that, the better. Faun eventually settled on a volume on cinema and started reading, letting the rest of the world be tuned out.
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