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Posted by: darkkenchild Jul 23 2014, 12:54 AM
1) Here at No Books of Men, we ask that each character register under their own unique account and submits his/her own unique application submitted using said account. When registering one's account, please make sure to use both first and last names for your character as the username. This is simply to ensure uniformity and cohesiveness across all characters on the site.

2) Please respect your fellow players whether in cbox, PMs, or in OOC forums. We realize that characters will not always get along and will not always be respectful, but please leave IC issues IC and treat your fellows well. We are all here to enjoy ourselves, after all.

3) Please respect our Staff. Admins are here to ensure that everything runs smoothly and our shared universe makes its own sorts of sense. Moderators are here to ensure that the site continues to function. Both roles are essential to the site's over all health and we assure you that we are doing our best to be equally respectful to our players
in return.

4) Please refrain from metagaming/godmodding. Don't tell other players how their characters react. Don't tell them how you defeated them. Consult with each other, and plan all you like, but threads should be mutual storytelling, so please respect your fellow players and their characters by not attempting to play their character for them. Also, if you have found yourself privy to OOC knowledge that your character does not know IC, please restrain yourself from abusing said knowledge. Also, as a special note, this applies to magical powers too; mind control/reading, mutations, magic forms of harm, etc aren't alright without permission of the other player(s) involved.

5) Plagiarism is not allowed. References and adaptations happen, and are often quite fun to reimagine, but they must be reimagined. Do not take other people's characters for your own, be they famous characters or just one your buddy came up with instead. Exceptions exist, such as permissions being granted and such, but are rare enough that you can safely assume we will not allow them. On a related note, quoting/referencing works and writings of others are fine, but please don't copy text for posts either. It's just bad form.

6) Avatars should follow size guidelines. Again, this is for uniformity and cohesiveness, as it simply looks odd if some people have tiny icons and others large. Additionally, avatars should be tasteful and not distract from RP; they are a tool not the sole focus
of a post/thread. Finally, please do not use gifs as primary avatars (there is a place in the coding for gifs) nor use drawn/anime images; they're distracting and out of place with our setting.

7) Please be aware of our site's setting when making a character. There is no canon in place beyond our own, so please make things fit the setting. This is especially true regarding the Traditions and the Technocracy, neither exist in a form recognizable from the default Ascension setting. Thus, there are no Akashics or Void Engineers. Please do not ask to play the exceptions, as they simply do not fit our site's lore.

8) This site is designed for players 18 years or older and is considered a Mature site. This does not mean that every thread must have mature themes, in fact most will not, but merely that the potential for such stories exist on the site. All we ask is that if a thread uses mature themes please mark them with a "[M]" in the tags to inform others that you are treading into sexual or violent scenarios before the thread is even opened. As an additional note, underaged characters in sexual situations are strictly forbidden. This is to prevent any potential legal troubles for either your or our sakes, so please understand when this is one of the few rules we will not tolerate being broken.

9) IC actions will result in IC consequences. Admin keep up with what is happening on the site, don't doubt it. We realize that things happen sometimes IC, predictable or not, that result in some wild things. Death, pregnancy, and other things are all real-life
consequences which happen sometimes. It is unavoidable. That said, we are not a comic book site or a soap opera. If your character kills someone, they're dead and you can expect the police to become involved. Unprotected sex results in pregnancy sometimes, requiring decisions to be made by the mother. We here at No Books of Men strive for realistic consequences, as we feel they improve the setting. However, be aware that we are not dictators either, and we will make all effort to include the player (not the character) in deciding any relevant consequences if at all possible.

10) Please adhere to posting orders when responding to threads with more than two players. Things can get confusing and jumbled if there isn't a set order to posts (i.e. it becomes difficult to keep straight what others have said/done and respond accordingly). Posting order should follow the initial order set by a character's first post. For example, if Bob posts, then Amy, then Steve, the posting order would be Bob-Amy-Steve-Bob-Amy-Steve and so on. This continues until either the thread ends, a new character joins, or a character leaves the thread.

In the end, these rules are just guidelines and serve to improve/simplify the lives for both Staff and Players. We're all here to have fun and these rules should hopefully help facilitate that enjoyment. So get out there and enjoy yourselves!

Note: Regarding most of these rules, we use a three strike system. If a rule is broken, we start by asking you to fix the issue and refrain from doing so again in the future. The second time a rule is broken, threads may be edited/deleted by staff and another warning will be issued. The third time a rule is broken, we will send another warning and a (hopefully temporary) ban. Permanent bans are rarely used and only under extreme circumstances.

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