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 The Wishing Glass, Tags: Open
Waverly Brint
 Posted: Mar 17 2016, 03:09 PM
Courtless Ogress

Mild winter days were a precious thing. It was a sunny day and no cloud in the sky with temperatures that would hover around high 50's and low 60's for much of the day, a perfect light sweater day. Waverly had hoped that it would mean that spring was finally coming.

It was so nice out that she had decided to have a picnic, by herself that is. Although, she kept her mind open to the possibility that she might meet a friendly, new person today. It was the moments of loneliness that made her regret not joining one of the courts. That and the fact that she had recently found what she assumed to be some sort of magical item. She knew of very few people that could offer advice in regards to such objects.

She sat cross-legged on a spring quilt with two paper bags strategically placed on top, one directly in front of her and one in the empty space across from her. A coloring book of Disney's Frozen and a collection of old coloring pencils sat next to her but all her focus was gobbled up by a hand-mirror.

It was a beautiful thing that looked straight out of someone's antique collection. The handle was entirely made of smooth, lightly faceted crystalline with the trim around the mirror composed of faceted gemstones. It was certainly fancy to be sure. Gazing directly into the mirror, she saw her ogre-self just as she would in any mirror. But when she turned it slightly to the left she could see herself before she was taken and when she turned it to the right she could see fantastical places ripped straight from a fairytale, breathtaking in their view.

Turning her attention away from the mirror for a moment, Waverly cast an eye around the immediate area. Lunchtime on a nice day had made the park quite populated. She had chosen a popular area too. Her picnic area was situated on a small hill next to a creek that rolled out from a sparse tree line. The trees were close behind her, and the creek was directly next to her. It became a gentle waterfall that fed into a quaint pond down below.

The rocks in the creek called to her. She had played on them when she was human and she thought she'd walk across them one more time for nostalgia's sake. She took the mirror with her; she didn't want to risk someone stealing something so fancy looking.

This was a bad decision.

On the second rock she stepped on, it had been loose, causing her to lose her footing. She toppled half into the creek, half on the other side. The mirror, without her realizing it, slipped out of her hand and was swept down the little waterfall and into the pond.
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