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Neva Gaines


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Dec 19 2015, 04:44 PM
Neva wasn't happy about this, she wasn't happy at all. This was the sort of decision that every politician dreaded. A decision that had to be made, but there was no right answer. The Valley was infected, the psys at P.I.M. had discovered it and the eggheads at E.A.S.T. division had confirmed it. Now Sigma was demanding a decision that Neva knew was political suicide, but knew that it had to be done. A quick phone call was all it took. She knew that Sigma was smiling that smug grin of his on the other end of the line. What she wouldn't give to smack it off his face, but now wasn't the time. He was an ass, but he was efficient. She knew that within minutes his team would have the checkpoints secure and reinforcements already en route.

While he did that sight unseen, Neva took a deep breath and began preparing herself. She asked George, her secretary, to put out the call for the citizenry within the hour. The local press would be there, no doubt, as well as the bulk of the more outspoken and active citizens. They were known variables. It was the unknown ones that she feared. The witches at the Academy had been more unruly and problematic lately, and if the damned Manifesto all over town was any sign they were in a state of upheaval themselves. She had no idea what to expect from them any more. Worse, there were strange beast-men and ogres that had come to the Valley as of late, if her intelligence was accurate. If the Academy had become unpredictable as of late, they were still known. These new creatures were another story...

The hour was over soon enough, and she walked down to the conference room. She wore her suit like armor. Her kind eyes were a shield. Her smile was a weapon. She was entering the fray, knowing this may be the battle that turns the war against her or it may be the one that turns the tide in her favor. "Good Afternoon and thank you all for taking time to join me today. As I am certain many of you have already heard, the road out of the Columbiana Valley has been closed off by Federal Authorities and a General Quarantine has been declared disallowing anyone from leaving the Valley without the express permission of the CDC authorities that shall arrive within the next hour. I wish to preface the rest of this conversation with the assurances that I have been in contact with State and Federal Authorities throughout the process and this decision was not made lightly. As to the cause of the quarantine, I am certain that many of you are wondering why it has been imposed when no notable or fatal infections have been obvious in recent days. I assure you that the quarantine is necessary to contain a peculiar strain of the influenza virus that has been identified within our population and can cause dramatic side effects that must not be allowed to spread until they are better understood." She paused and glanced around for the briefest of moments before finishing her prepared speech. "I know that many of you are wondering, with the Holiday season so close at hand and Christmas barely a week away, when the Quarantine is to be lifted, I cannot say with certainty but we hope it will not be long. We will do our best to minimize disruption during this holiday season, but until we know more we cannot commit to any particular timeframe. City Hall and the CDC are both committed to an informed public and we ill be issuing frequent updates when new information becomes available. We thank you for your cooperation at this time and I will now open the floor for questions..."

Neva took a deep breath and looked out over her podium at the amassed populace. This moment of silence and peace underneath these lights was but the calm before the storm. In a matter of heartbeats, the calm would break and the storm would roll in to crash against the shore. She could only hope that the levies she had built., the bulwarks to save this community from itself and the creatures that lurked in its shadows, would prove to be enough.... That she would prove to be enough....
Dec 10 2015, 02:18 PM
Neva sat alone in her office as she did most days. Sure there was a secretary on the other side of the door and a dozen aides within a stones throw from there, but none of that mattered to Neva. She had two states, public and professional. Outside of this office she was the former, inside she was the latter. She preferred the moments of silence and relative peace these four walls brought, and the relief of not trying to be personable was all important here. At the moment, she was tending to matters she had always known was coming. The fools at the Academy had been stirring up trouble in this valley since its founding and Neva somehow knew it was only a matter of time before she had to deal with their guff. If this report was true, and she was awaiting confirmation from DC before taking action upon it, she would have to act regardless of the fallout it would occur. Pursing her lips, Neva considered a related matter that she had always kept in her back pocket. It was there, she knew about it, but she avoided considering it for it would likely be more trouble than it would be worth, but in light of this report...

She leaned forward and pushed a button on her desk phone. "George." A moment later, her secretary responded, his voice crackling over the speaker. "Yes ma'am?" Neva pressed the button again. "Get me Devereaux." She didn't wait for a reply and George had long known she didn't want one, she was only interested in the results. She sat, considering the report from earlier. It had arrived from higher up the chain that morning, confirmation to follow in a few days. So much to consider, so much to prepare, if it was indeed confirmed. Most likely should start the ball rolling today, just in case. When she heard the phone's speaker crackle again a moment later, she didn't even wait for George to say anything before responding. "Send her in."

Neva set the report down knowing that, other than the FBI letterhead across the top, Helene would be unable to see anything important on the first page of the report and would not be foolish enough to sneak a peak. Neva steepled her fingers before her face as the other woman walked in. "Sit." She pointed at the chair on the other side of her desk and waited a moment before continuing. "Ms. Devereaux." A beat. "I shall admit, I have considered this very meeting many times before today. I did not expect it to be so soon, but events are in motion..." Neva trailed off and did not continue that particular thought. Instead, she changed tracks and stated bluntly. "So. How long has it been since you were human?" Neva cocked a confident eyebrow as the faintest hint of a smile lifted the corner of her mouth, then she merely waited for a response.
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