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 Real Talk, Tag: Herb
Herbert Silverman
 Posted: Jan 6 2016, 02:24 AM
"Drillbit" Herbert
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Herb looked thoughtful for a moment and smiled, "I wonder what ever happened to my pants." An idle curiosity, because well, there might have been a landfill somewhere slowly filling with jellybeans, and maybe an obesity epidemic among the local raccoon population But thinking about the good, kinda weird parts that lead up to now, well...he couldn't help but laugh in spite of how awful today had been.

But it had all worked out to be much better then he could have ever anticipated. Because this was just...well, the only way he could explain it was just: pleasant. Which was one of series of letters that made a word he wasn't so familiar with. Though he was familiar with asshat, which he was entirely too close to one. "Oh my god! Yes you are. You are done. DONE!" Herb pushed him, but it was a half hearted outrage to having gotten the Chuck Norris treatment to his buhhole.

"Are you...ugh." Serious? Well of course he was, and wasn't, so Herb snorted and giggled, taking this as a good enough time to sit up before he tried to smothered his beloved boyfriend with a purple throw pillow. "...There ain't no way. I'm going to bed, if you can keep your promise...you don't have to stay on the couch." A grin and he tapped a galaxy bedazzled finger upon Ellis' nose, the choice was his.
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